Redefining sound in medicine

What if we were able to transform the paradigm of sound in medicine?

Lapsi Health uses sound technology and AI to close the clinical gaps that exist in Medicine today. Our focus:

Today, we can

Introducing Lapsi Health's Sound Technology Platform

We're driven to unveil novel quantitative healthcare data in the form of digital biomarkers, unlocking the potential of using sound as a crucial indicator of health.

Our approach

Our engineers have developed a proprietary platform that combines powerful hardware, software, and predictive AI powered applications.

Hardware Lapsi Health

Powerful technology in the palm of your hands. Our digital offerings provide an evolution from traditional analog medical technologies and deliver the highest quality results.

Software Lapsi Health

We pride ourselves on delivering a best-in-class user experience. Our technology provides diagnostic support for HCPs and patients through mobile and web applications.

Artificial Intelligence Lapsi Health
Artificial Intelligence

Lapsi Health is powered by AI. Computational analysis and sound processing technology is seamlessly built into our devices to enhance diagnostics and monitoring.

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