Our mission

To reshape the paradigm of how sound is used in medicine

We're pioneering the future of healthcare by harnessing the power of sound. Through screening, monitoring, and diagnosis, we're revolutionizing medicine by engineering next generation devices. Our commitment is to take medical sound into the digital era by transforming it into cutting-edge Digital Biomarkers, shaping the future of healthcare.

Meet the founders

Chief Executive Officer

Jhonatan Bringas Dimitriades, MD is not just any physician. His accolades as an internationally recognized figure in medicine have seen him at the helm of some of the globe's most advanced medical technology companies as a C-level executive, advisor and Board Member. Having received awards in Europe, the USA and LATAM, his expertise was instrumental in setting the vision for Lapsi Health.

Chief Medical Officer

Diana van Stijn, MD PhD. From cutting through waters as a national team swimmer, Diana's transition into the realms of medicine and technology has been nothing short of spectacular. As one of the most notable tech leaders in healthcare in the Netherlands, coupled with her prolific academic achievements, Diana's insights and expertise are paramount to the Lapsi Health mission.

Chief Operations Officer

Seamus Holohan, a serial entrepreneur with roots in Ireland and Finland, brings a wealth of experience to the table. With a history of establishing companies and orchestrating prolonged success, his entrepreneurial spirit will carry Lapsi Health forward.

Chief Technology Officer

Rodrigo Alvez is the tech expert behind the dream. His experience and success with leading enterprises like Accenture exposed him to technological giants such as Microsoft and IBM. Named to the prestigious MIT Under 35 - LATAM list, Rodrigo's insight into the tech world offers Lapsi Health a competitive edge.

Together, this quartet saw a potential largely untapped: using sound as a crucial biosignal.

As signal processing has surged in computational capabilities, the team envisioned sound paralleling developments like PPG. The goal? To unveil novel quantitative healthcare data in the form of digital biomarkers, harnessing the latent potential of sound as a crucial indicator of health. Their shared dream is to sculpt a new era of digital medicine—where healthcare would be not just a service, but an experience. Able to be patient-centric, individualized, and universally accessible. Together, these pioneers are not just dreaming of the future; they're building it—one sound, one signal, one patient at a time.